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<<I would like to know how modern Judaism deals with scientific claims
about age of the Earth. Could somebody recommend me literature or a WEB

The late Yacov Glicksman(who passed away over 13 years ago) dealt with this
in his book "Oh What A Fool am I". I had the honor to review the manuscript
and he wanted to write the age of the earth as 2.5 billion years old
according to science. I told him it was 4.5 billion years minimum. He told
me," Such stupidity and nonsense - none of us were around then. Who is to
tell me that my watch from Japan is not a few billion years old. I propose
that it is. HASHEM created the world as it is. Just as my watch maker put
the watch together. The Holy TORAH tells me that man is on this earth 5740
some-odd years . What do I care if it was created this way or G-D cultivated
it for eons before he placed man on it.
The Talmud(Tamid pg 32) describes Alexander the Great questions the sages of
the Negev(south) on the creation. Our Talmud tells us not to question what
was before and what is after the Universe, what is above and what is below.
The great German philosopher Emmanuel Kant also came to the same conclusion
- "That the human mind is incapable of understanding anything further".
While the layman reads about the universe being now in the neighborhood of
23 billion yrs old; Prof. Schwartz of California Institute of Technology has
come up with a model of 11 dimensions at right angles to each other based on
present day Astronomical and Physical observations. In short that means that
there are dimensions above conventional time and space. I claim that my
brain waves or 'Astral body' could project itself simultaneously to any
point in the known physical universe and return to my mind/body. In short,
modern Astrophysics leaves plenty of dimensions for Spiritual Worlds and
beings. Maybe this is the manifestation of 7 Kabbalistic Levels between
Pessach(Passover) and Shevouth (Festival of Weeks). Of course above that is
the Omnipresent and Infinite which the physical cannot measure or comprehend.
I'm sure that Rabbi Avigdor Miller has also written on this subject.
Feldheim Publishers have published many books on the Proceedings of the
Meeting of Orthodox Jewish Scientists. I believe that Chabad has books on
this subject and I have seen one which compares the amount of Atoms in the
Universe and the so-called age vs accidental creation of RNA not even DNA.
It may be called creation and the Bible or something similar. Unless you are
planning to become professional involved in an endeavor of science, I
suggest that an intensive learning of the Talmud, Mishnah and Shulchan
Auruch would be much more worth your while. When you can fully explain in
details the meaning of Talmud Chagigah 14 - 16 and the true nature of the
first 4 Chapters of Mishnah Torah of the Rambam then you will have mastered
your own questions. I haven't yet mastered these pages myself so I will stop
my E-mail at this point.

With blessings,
Richard (Rachamim)