Psychological Theory

yakar (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:32:30 -0400

Can you please discuss the Torah's opinions on modern psychological theory?

Thank you

How do other people handle this. I am
pretty sure I just lost my last job becasue I told them there were 12-14
days of Jewish Holidays a year. Also, how do I handle the shabbat
thing-taking off early Fri. and not working on Sat. I am in real trouble.
I do not want to have to give up being Jewish so that I can make a living.
Please help>>

Dear Jason:

Depending on where you live, you may only have to leave early on Fridays
12-16 times a year and it may only require leaving an hour or so early. So,
if you put it to your boss this way, it won't seem like a lot. Also, you
might want to arrive earlier on Fridays in Winter.

Offer to work on non-Jewish holidays. Use your personal days or vacation days.

If you feel that you lost your job due to religious discrimination, there
are many agencies that will take your case for free including your state
civil rights dept.

Good Luck.

Murray Cole