Re: Help

Jeremy D Stern (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 00:05:50 EDT wrote:
<<I need some help from the Frum community. I am trying to become more
religous (I have already become shomer shabbos) but I am having a real
difficult the on the job front. How do other people handle this. I am
pretty sure I just lost my last job becasue I told them there were 12-14
days of Jewish Holidays a year. Also, how do I handle the shabbat
thing-taking off early Fri. and not working on Sat. I am in real trouble.
I do not want to have to give up being Jewish so that I can make a living.
Please help>>

In response to a problem about finding a job and being Shomer
Shabbos(keeping the Sabbath), there is one basic principle we must keep in
mind; that is, we must have full emuna(faith) in Hashem that he will support
us and sustain us, especially when we must "sacrifice" something for His
sake. In truth, we really are not "sacrificing" but taking. In regards to
not being able to keep a job because one is Shomer Shabbos, we "sacrifice"
our job, but in truth, we take the merit of the mitzvah of keeping Shabbos,
acting for the sake of Heaven, and many other merits. Many stories are told
that Jews who immigrated to the United States from Europe in the first half
of the century often could not keep jobs for more than a week (if that
much!) due to the fact that they had to keep Shabbos and the Yamim Tovim.
Nowadays, agreements can be made with bosses and owners to get around from
working on Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Good luck and Yasher Koach!