Re: Help
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:11:26 -0500 (EST)

Jason Goldstein asked a question about becoing more religious and keeping
one's job. It is not a simple or easy matter, unfortunately. While
employers are somewhat used to Reform and Conservative Jews taking off for
High Holidays or perhaps a day for Passover, Orthodox Jews have many more
holidays to contend with, in addition to Shabbat.

Working at a state university has some advantages in this and my department
has been good about rescheduling final exams that are placed on Saturday,
taking off days for holidays, etc. Social gatherings of the department
often take place on Friday night or on a Saturday, but I do not ask to have
them rescheduled as I am the only person in my department that this would

It's not always easy to decide how to make the changes. It's almost
easier to come into a new job as a religious Jew than change, confusing
colleagues and employers along the way.

Most of my non-Jewish colleagues accept all my observances. The only real
conflicts have come from liberal Jews, who unfortunately denegrate some of
my observances. And I must say, this has been only from a minority, thank
goodness. The best way to handle this is to discuss with your employer
what your wishes are and what his or hers are and see what you can work
out.I'd be interested in hearing how all this turns out.

Susan Rubin Weintrob