organ donation

Sun, 27 Jul 1997 13:52:59, -0500

In #50, wrote, in response to an earlier posting, that "organ
donation from human donors that are halachically alive are prohibited as the
organ removal will kill the donor." Some organ donations from living donors
do not, however, kill the donors, such as a donation of one kidney by a
person who has a healthy second kidney. Moreover, if meant to
suggest that taking an organ from a dead person is permitted, I note that in
general it is not permissible to remove organs from a dead person.

The question of organ transplants is extremely complicated, and I suggest
that the original inquirer,, consult with his LOR(local
orthodox rabbi). Indeed, even an LOR may not feel comfortable ruling in this
area, and might therefore refer to a rabbi with special
expertise in this area.

Jeff Zuckerman