Bart Stall (
29 Jul 1997 17:12:13 GMT

I would like to submit something for discussiion: This has always perplexed
me regarding the 'laws of chance and probability'... let me explain..

Lets say that Mr. X plays the lottery or games of chance... As a Frum Jew(I
know that gambling is prohibited) He buys x amount of lottery tickets..
Usually the more tickets, the better his 'odds' of winning... But what about
the people who buy just one ticket... These people say that 'If Hashem wants
me to win, I only need one ticket'..

This seems to be a contradiction... And this is the part that is
fascinating... look.... There seems to be two 'schools' here.... 1. Hashem's
law that He knows all and He controls EVERYTHING.. 2. Hashems law of

They don't seem to jive with each other.. If he only buys one ticket, he is
subscribing to law #1.. Have faith in Hashem and He will make it happen if
it is to be... And not subscribing to Hashem's law of Probablitly and
Statistics... If he does the opposite it 'seems' like he is trying to
"outsmart" Hashem and increase his 'odds' of winning...Does he buy x+y
amount of tickets and then he will 'change' Hashem's mind?? I am anxious to
hear other responses and opinions.. Kol Tuv...

Michael "Bart" Stall
St. Louis Park, MN