Re: Celebrating American holidays
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 03:15:28 EDT

Dovid Rockove wrote:
<<What Reb Moshe writes Even HaEzer II #13 is while it is not forbidden to
have a wedding or bar mitzvah on thanksgiving or new years, a "Baal Nefesh"
should refrain. I am not quite sure of a proper definition of a 'baal
nefesh' to give to this group, but I believe someone who went to a yeshiva,
as I was in, would fall in that category. If anyone can please give a good
definition of a baal nefesh so we can better understand this, I would
greatly appreciate it.>>

IMHO,'baal nefesh' does not include anyone who went to yeshiva. From Rav
Moshe's standard line: "u'baal nefesh yachmir al atzmo", it seems to me
that it refers to a person who feels this chumra is "ra'uy" (appropriate,
fitting) for him/her. If , in fact, it is a chumra, then it is
irresponsible to present it in a general "Torah forum" as standard or
required halachic procedure.

Kol tuv,
Elozor Preil