Re: Question's on Genesis
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 03:15:27 EDT

Lisa Wright writes:
<<"This is just one of the questions I have on Genesis. Cain and Abel,
Noah and the flood, and some of the others have given me puzzlement lately,
too. I have alot of trouble reconciling the vicious, unforgiving G*d that
seems to be portrayed in Genesis with the G*d I've come to know.">>

Vicious? Unforgiving? G-d forgave Adam and Eve for eating from the
forbidden tree. Forgiveness, however, does not absolve Man from the
consequences of his actions, which in this case were enormous. G-d even
forgave Cain for the murder of his brother and protected him for hundreds
of years. Before the Flood, G-d gave the world 120 years to repent of
their evil ways. It seems to me that G-d's forgivenenss and patience were
there from the start.

Kol tuv,
Elozor Preil