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Shlomo Godick (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 17:38:52 -0700

Jason Goldstein wrote:
<< I need some help from the Frum community. I am trying to become more
religous (I have already become shomer shabbos) but I am having a real
difficult the on the job front. How do other people handle this. I am
pretty sure I just lost my last job becasue I told them there were 12-14
days of Jewish Holidays a year. Also, how do I handle the shabbat
thing-taking off early Fri. and not working on Sat. I am in real trouble.
I do not want to have to give up being Jewish so that I can make a living.>>

I cannot be of any help to you because I live in Israel, unless you want to
look into making aliya (emigrating to Israel). In Israel, all Jewish
holidays are national holidays. In addition, one who gets married receives
7 additional vacation days, one who has a baby boy get 2 additional
vacation days (one for the day of birth, and one for the day of
circumcision), and for the birth of a baby girl - one vacation day. If G-d
forbid, he has to sit shiva (7 day mourning period), the days of the shiva
are not subtracted from his quota of vacation days. Erev Shabbos (Friday)
is either a short work day (till 1:00 P.M.) or, as is increasingly the case
in the Israeli work sector, not a work day at all. (Sunday is a regular
work day).

If you are interested in aliya, sent me a resume and maybe I can be of
help. In any case, I have the highest regard for your willingness to
sacrifice so much for what you believe in. You serve as an inspiring
example for all of us.

Kol tuv,
Shlomo Godick
Rechasim, Israel