Re: Celebrating American holidays

Hank Citron (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 07:50:33 -0400

Dovid Rockove wrote:
<< Reb Moshe has answered the question regarding Thanksgiving. Since it is a
holiday of religious origin, one may not celebrate it. >>
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Concerning the Thanksgiving Holiday....Anyone who believes that
Thanksgiving is religious in origin neither understands the history of the
holiday nor the country that celebrates this holiday. The first
Thanksgiving was given by the early settlers to thank the Indians for their
help through the first winter in America. It may have happened around 1625
and lasted for almost a week. With, by the way, much drinking etc.....a
good time had by all. Later some religious groups, mostly Protestant, have
attempted to rewrite history and Thanksgiving as a religious holiday
thanking their god for America etc. and writing the role of the Indians out
of history as non-persons. The historical origins are non-sectarian
national US holiday when just about all people eat native American food
such as turkey, corn, and potatos that are native to this country and would
later be introduced to the world........Dr. Haim Citron