Re: Shaving during the 'Three Weeks'

Fri, 1 Aug 1997 11:21:33 -0400

yussie englander wrote:
<< Is there anyone who discusses if you should shave for Shabbos if you're
already shaving during the rest of the week for work (during the 3 weeks)?

I have personally heard two diametrically opposite rulings from two
prominent rabbonim (Rabbis). One said "If you are shaving every day of the
week for work, it is a zilzul (degradation) for Shabbos if you do not shave
Friday afternoon and enter Shabbos looking unkempt". The other Rav said
that, in this case, "NOT shaving is the greatest Kovod (Honoring of)
Shabbos as your stubble is declaring 'Unfortunately, during the week I am
an Oyness (someone forced to accept outside circumstances) & must shave to
earn a Parnosoh (living wages) but on Shabbos I am free to serve Hashem
completely and am able to follow his commandments without looking to others
for approval."

I mentioned this second ruling to my brother-in-law and he told me an
interesting story. It seems that in Israel, many haredim use personal
generators to provide their homes with electricity over Shabbos as they
perceive a problem with having Jewish workers monitor, supervise, repair,
etc. the national power supply on Shabbos. Apparently, in the time of the
Chazon Ish, (I don't know about today) these generators made quite a racket
and someone approached the Chazon Ish, ZT"L, and asked "Isn't this loud
noise an affront to Kovod Shabbos and Menuchas Hayom (Restfulness of the
Day)?". The Chazon Ish answered "On the contrary. Can't you hear what the
generators are saying? They are shouting: 'Shabbos, Shabbos' "

By the way, I have generally accepted the second ruling (although, I fear,
my decision may be at least partly because of laziness on my part). This
year, however I have negated the issue by not shaving at all during the
week. It might not be a possible solution for everyone but, for this year
at least, it works for me.