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We sponsor these pages in order to offer you information about our Summer Program, Year Program and Repeating Six-Week Introductory Mechina Program. If you would like further information about these programs or any of our other opportunities to study and see Israel, please contact us at

As a modern young woman you want the schools, exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth, intelligent and caring friends, a sense of community, world travel and a meaningful career. Why expect any less from your Judaism?

Jewish thought addresses the questions that contemporary women ask about life...

Neve Yerushalayim College was founded in 1970 as a forum for exploration of these questions as well as many other concerns of today's Jewish woman. Neve was the first school to offer women with little or no Jewish studies background a high quality Jewish education together with an appreciation of the Land of Israel and its history.

Today, with an enrollment of over 400 students, Neve is the largest and most diversified institution of its kind in the world. Situated on a scenic elevated six-acre plot of land in Har Nof, one of Jerusalem's large modern suburbs, Neve offers 9 distinctive educational programs geared to meet the needs of students from many different countries. Neve has helped thousands of young women the world over come to a deeper appreciation of their Jewish heritage and make it an integral part of their lives.

Neve's students are well educated and intellectually curious. Through the College's rich curriculum they are able to study the foundations of Jewish knowledge in an environment which recognizes and responds to their intellectual and personal maturity. Students are encouraged to take part in candid discussions and exchange ideas freely.

At Neve, students explore the richness of Jewish thought at their own pace. They enjoy a sense of freedom regarding religious growth and can seek their own level of expression within Jewish observance. The warm feeling that pervades the school manifests itself in the classrooms, in student-teacher relationships and by the life-long friendships which develop.

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