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Supporting Project Genesis

Thank you for your interest in supporting Project Genesis! I have written this document in order to provide you, as a potential contributor, with basic information - but please be in touch if you have any questions or would like more details than are provided here. My personal e-mail is, and I may be reached at our new donations line, 1-888-WWW-TORA(H). If you prefer to call directly, our number is 1-410-602-1350.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Donating to Project Genesis - The Basics

  1. Why is Project Genesis free?
  2. Why give to Project Genesis?
  3. Types of Giving
  4. Methods of Giving
  5. Tax Information
    1. In the United States
    2. Elsewhere
  6. Other Questions

  1. Why is Project Genesis free?
  2. Project Genesis was created to offer an introduction to Jewish studies for the many Jews around the globe who have not yet had the opportunity. Many of these individuals begin with only a casual interest in Jewish learning, and would not join our program were we to charge for the service. In addition, our classes offer continuing education to students on college campuses with little or no income, who also would be unlikely to subscribe for a fee.

    Let's ask it this way: would you have signed up if we charged for the privilege?

  3. Why give to Project Genesis?
  4. Since we make no profit on our subscriptions, we therefore rely on those with the ability and the interest to support us on an entirely voluntary basis. Retrieving this document is a first step in that direction, and we truly appreciate your interest and support.

    Simply put, Project Genesis is on the cutting edge of Jewish education and outreach on the Internet. Project Genesis serves the Jewish community on the Internet. In fact, we are building and strengthening the Jewish community in Cyberspace. Incidentally, we now have in excess of 30,000 subscribers on E-mail and when including printed and forwarded copies of our classes, the conservative estimate of our readership is 85,000.

    We look forward to providing more services like this one to the Jewish community. We are also expanding our educational programming, and launching a new initiative to coordinate live outreach for our subscribers with little previous Jewish education. We are now building the first ever Internet outreach center - a pioneering effort to provide the most accessible forum for personalized and interactive education opportunities to those beginning down the path of Jewish learning. The Outreach Center will include trained staff and volunteers able to answer specific questions that extend beyond the scope of the comprehensive archive of Frequently Asked Questions. In addition to strengthening the Outreach community at Project Genesis, the center will bridge the information gap between communities and individuals by providing a vast selection of local programming options and recommending those best suited for each individual. Appealing to both teens and adults, in multiple languages, and from diverse backgrounds, the outreach center will redefine the potential of Jews to communicate with one another and simultaneously reinforce the importance of authentic, quality Jewish education.

    In order to succeed in this initiative, Project Genesis will partake in a significant investment. The success of the outreach center depends not only on the technical and computer ability of its staff and equipment but also on quality and depth in its educational faculty. The vital need for this type of project necessitates its success. In addition this project comes on the heels of a move where we began to incur a steeper overhead both in terms of rent and Internet hardware maintenance.

    As you know, Project Genesis functions solely through the generosity of those who reap the benefits of the program. Support from everyone is crucial in maintaining the viability of the organization and in sustaining its efforts in Jewish education so we can continue to perform the myriad of services that exist and create new and better ones to strengthen the integrity of the Jewish Internet community.

  5. Types of Giving
  6. To learn more about the types of giving (giving societies, dedications, memorials, etc.) access the giving societies page.

  7. Methods of Giving
  8. There are many ways to give to Project Genesis.

    Of course, you can send a check or money order to:
    Project Genesis
    17 Warren Road Suite 2B
    Baltimore, MD 21208

    Or, for your convenience and if you can earn frequent flyer miles or take advantage of any other perqs you may have, then make your gift by Credit Card.

    We take credit cards! You can now donate using your VISA or MasterCard. We now offer secure payments through our
    On-line Donation Form, which takes advantage of our bookstore technology. You can also call our donations line, 1-888-WWW-TORA(H), or Fax to 1-410-602-1351.

    Advertising Support: Reach Jewish consumers with a banner on the Project Genesis Web site - support Torah while growing your business! Please a contact us...

  9. Tax Information
    1. In the United States
    2. Project Genesis is able to accept tax-deductible donations as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please send your check made out to "Project Genesis" to:

      Project Genesis
      17 Warren Road Suite 2B
      Baltimore, MD 21208

      A special request: please indicate your email address on your check, and whether you need a paper receipt. The IRS only requires a receipt for donations of $250 or more. In other cases, we can quickly and easily send you an acknowledgment and thank you via email - as soon as your check is recorded - and put the 33 cents to work for the program!

    3. Elsewhere?
    4. Unfortunately, I do not know of similar arrangements in other countries. If you know of such possibilities, please do tell us. In any case, your donation is a great investment, even without the tax benefit.

  10. Other Questions?
  11. Like everything else, our FAQ is under development. Please send your questions to!

    Thank you for your interest - and your support!


    Yaakov Menken
    Director Home

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