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With the Project Genesis LifeLine you can enjoy a weekly Dvar Torah on the Torah reading (or an upcoming holiday) along with interesting news and information about upcoming programs, new services, and new classes. All subscribers to any Project Genesis classes automatically receive a subscription to the LifeLine as well.

The author is Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Director of Project Genesis.

Articles on Bereishis
In the Bias of the Beholder
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5764
The Origin of Life
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5763
More than One G-d?
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5761
In the Image of G-d
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5760
Evil Without
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5759
Proof that G-d Exists
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5757
The Children of Parents
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5756
To Rise or to Fall
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5755

If you'd like, you can see the list of all archived Lifeline articles, or the index to all archived Torah Portion articles.



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Chochmah, Tevunah, and Daat
Shlomo Katz - 5769

Living Forever
Shlomo Katz - 5760

Starting Over
Rabbi Yisroel Ciner - 5760

> The Anthropologicalization of Adam
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5765

“Fonzie & the Happy Days of Rest”
Jon Erlbaum - 5769

Human Separation and Value
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5762

Frumster - Orthodox Jewish Dating

Forbidden Fruit - The Good and the Bad
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5763

Proof that G-d Exists
Rabbi Yaakov Menken - 5757

Do Torah!
Shlomo Katz - 5756


Deja Vu All Over Again . . . Then Shabbat
Shlomo Katz - 5775

This Time
Rabbi Label Lam - 5767

The Dawn of a New Adventure
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5760

Looking for a Chavrusah?

Shabbos Bereishis -- Bridge
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5767

Getting to Know the Yetzer Hara
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5759

Be Creative!
Shlomo Katz - 5757

Reality Check
Rabbi Pinchas Avruch - 5763

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