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Mitzvos of Learning and Teaching

19: Associating with Torah Scholars

Cling to Him. (Devarim 10:20)

Our Sages teach that the command to cling to Hashem is carried out by associating with Torah scholars. This mitzvah includes:

• Marry the daughter of a talmid chacham and marry off your daughter to one (Kesubos 11b).

• Eat with them, help them, and interact with them as much as possible (ibid.).

• Absorb their words thirstily (Avos 1:6).

Those who walk (or carpool) with Sages become wise (Mishlei 13:20).

One of the greatest methods for succeeding in life is to “connect oneself to a rebbe and acquire good friends” (Avos 1:6). Similarly, we are encouraged “to make your home a meeting place for sages, cling to them, and drink their words with thirst” (Avos 1:4).

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