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Today is day 14 of the Omer

Sefiras HaOmer - The Counting of The Omer starts on the second night of Pesach. It continues for seven weeks, or forty-nine days. The fiftieth day is Shavuos. Access our Sefira Counting Page to learn more about counting the Omer or to subscribe to our Sefira Counting Reminder mailing list.

View the Jewish calendar for this year: 5775

Lag B'Omer - The thirty-third day of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th of Iyar, is a day of celebration for the whole nation of Israel. According to tradition, the students of the great sage Rabbi Akiva, who had been dying in great numbers, stopped dying on this day.

Divrei Torah On Sefiras HaOmer, Pesach Sheni and Lag B'Omer

Additional Classes on Sefiras HaOmer from

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