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Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Rabbi Yaakov Menken is the founder of Project Genesis, and creator of many of its sites and programs. You will find hundreds of Torah commentaries authored by Yaakov Menken on this site and elsewhere.

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Rabbi Yaakov Menken on Twitter.
Rabbi Yaakov Menken on Linked-In.

Articles on Lech Lecha
Nowhere Man
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5764
Jews vs. Judaism
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5763
Avraham's Strange Reaction
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5762
Once a Jew, Always a Jew
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5759
Every Drop Matters
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5758
A House or a Home?
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5757
Go Away!
Rabbi Yaakov Menken, 5755 Home

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